About Selvage Denim:

Selvage denim refers to denim produced in the traditional method using classic shuttle looms. 

This method has stood the test of time and is the best way to ensure exceptional quality.

Selvage denim is characterised by a tight weave and hardiness. Denim created with this method will last longer and wear better over time. 

‘Selvage Denim’ was termed this because of its distinguishing weave. As the denim leaves the loom, both edges are finished with sturdy bands down each side. The bands create a ‘self-edge’ or as we now know it –  ‘Selvage’. The selvage provides the denim with a protective edge to prevent it from fraying.

Selvage Denim

Selvage denim is a hallmark of a premium fabric you will enjoy for years, and a welcome change from the lower grade, mass produced and comparatively flimsy denim that flood the market today.

Our range of denim is produced on our 98 Selvage Looms, or occasionally, more specialist fabrics are handpicked from one of our trusted artisan suppliers.

Jeans that You Live With

Starting from the first consultation, your JME custom jeans tells your story. From the fabric, fit and detailing you choose, to the unique wear patterns that develops over time, these jeans are uniquely yours.

We have pre-distressed options if you prefer, but part of the magic of your bespoke jeans is watching them develop with your individual patterns of movement and inline with your body. Down to the honeycombing behind the knees and the whiskers at the hip crease, these timeless jeans will be like no others.

Ownership From Start To Finish

From the moment you enter our studio to the delivery of your new custom jeans, you’ll be dealing with the same passionate team of expert craftsmen. The JME team is there at every step of the design and manufacture process because we believe that’s the right way to do things.


  • No outsourcing means we have ultimate quality control. We supervise every last detail.
  • Seamless communication. We build your vision and style into custom jeans, and because you work with the same people from your first consultation, nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Absolute control. For super specific designs, last minute changes or something altogether different, we have the knowledge and tools to make it happen with style, quality and traditional craftsmanship.


Nobody Else Gave Me The Service I Got From Them

Had the pleasure to meet Peter and Danny at Magic Vegas (International Apparel, Garments & Accessories Show) in Las Vegas, USA. As a newbie to denim they took their time to explain all about selvage denim to me. Walked around the show and nobody else gave me the service I got from them. On the last day I went back to their booth and placed an order with them. They helped me select the fabric, explained the wash etc. We designed the accessories together. After 60 days my order was ready. I’m very happy to have met such nice guys who look out for newbies like myself.



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