About JME Custom Jeans

We believe that every pair of jeans should be custom and individual, just like you. And the best—the original—choice of material is selvage.

Why? Because it was there at the beginning. It’s what your father and grandfather wore. It’s the true symbol of strength, quality and tradition. Selvage comes from a time when craftsmanship was prized above all, and a pair of jeans wore the tag of its wearer.

Customised Designs Starting from $1,620 HKD.

Founded in 1963

Our story started over half a century ago, when my father started J Murley’s Enterprises Limited. We have thrived and evolved into what’s now a second-generation business, where we’ve expanded into custom jeans for individuals. Whether you’re talking to my team or I, you’re in great company. Danny H, CEO.

The cottage garment trade is in our blood. And just like our founders, we hold on to tradition: every part of the process, from the spinning, dying, weaving and final assembling is handled in our own facility. And of course, we still believe in the integrity and quality of selvage denim as the first—and best—fabric for custom jeans.

We Specialise in Vintage Selvage Denim Fabrics

We purchase only the best quality cotton yarn and do all the processing in our own factory. All aspects from spinning, dyeing and weaving are handled from start to finish in our own facility.

At present we have 98 sets of selvage looms and offer many different styles of selvage from denim, denim spandex, denim dobby, twill, chambry and oxford selvage fabrics.

We also offer other variety of denims including sustainable bamboo denim.

As well as creating one off, unique jeans for individuals like you, we’ve made show stopping denim for brands and icons including: GEAR, ROCK REVIAL, TRUE RELIGION and EVISU.

Our Impact

In a world bought almost to its knees by fast fashion, we’re making a stand. Cotton is a thirsty plant, so by choosing hard wearing jeans that will last thousands of wears, you’re choosing to support the future of the planet.

But we take it further – from bamboo fibres as a replacement for cotton, saving on production energy without compromising quality to low impact techniques for washing and dying fabrics, we’re always planning for the future, whilst staying true to tradition.

fully customised jeans rivets and buttons

Danny is definitely the guru of jeans!

I have to say I have got one of my best pair of jeans from JME. Getting customised jeans was an entirely new experience for me. Not to mention it fits so well that I can never get a pair from the rack of any boutique. Danny is definitely the guru of jeans who has extensive knowledge to produce any kind of jeans that suit you. He’s also very fluent in Cantonese, and he would share all kind of funny stories behind making jeans! 

Louie Chan

Founder of PGHT Communications

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